About us

LOOP+BOND scarves represent an accessible luxury, as functional as they are stylish and as delightful to gift as they are to wear. Knit from the world's finest cashmere, our scarves are soft and light, durable and strong, and they are available in a range of bold and beautiful designs. Above all, LOOP+BOND scarves are a symbol of warmth and compassion, a reflection of the ancient traditions of Inner Mongolia. It is in this rugged region of the world that we source native cashmere and work directly with local artisans. The result is a luxury product that wears like a warm embrace, promises versatile styling options and tells the stories of centuries of sartorial culture.


Mongolian Cashmere

Cashmere goats native to the harsh, cold mountains of Inner Mongolia have long been prized for their ultra-fine coats. Hairs from the goats' underbellies, which are combed and selected by hand, are spun into cashmere threads considered the softest and strongest in the world. Furthermore, Mongolian cashmere resists pilling and is known to get softer and stronger over time. Many traditions have arisen around cashmere scarves in Inner Mongolia where, as a gift, they are considered symbolic of compassion. Scarves are given to celebrate important life events, to welcome guests and to bid a fond farewell. These meaningful, heartfelt rituals are spun and knit into the very fibers of every LOOP+BOND scarf.



LOOP+BOND works with a family-owned knitting mill in the heart of Inner Mongolia. Our design, production and sales process brings the finest cashmere directly from its source to the customer with no middlemen involved. International inspectors mandate the highest standards for materials and manufacturing, and LOOP+BOND guarantees the unmatched quality of our products. LOOP+BOND cashmere is the highest quality, with a fineness of 15 microns and a length of 33 mm. This means the cashmere is Grade A, far exceeding accepted standards. (In order to be considered cashmere, fibers must have a fineness of less than 19 microns, or one millionth of a meter.) Our artisans meticulously select and blend cashmere fibers of an ideal length, width and weight. The result is scarves that are incredibly soft, expertly crafted and sumptuous to the touch.



All LOOP+BOND knit patterns, paired with an extra-long design, are custom-created for aesthetic beauty, versatility and timeless elegance. You'll grab your LOOP+BOND scarf to stay toasty during a walk in the snow, to spruce up a casual outfit for a weekend brunch or add a stylish finishing touch to an elegant evening out. Our bestselling Harper Scarf features a unique dual geometric pattern in a choice of classic color combinations that can equally complement your warmest winter coat, favorite jacket or cozy cardigan. Our other popular designs, such as the mosaic-inspired Marley also encapsulate a style that is intricate but unfussy, unisex and wearable as both a neutral and as a striking accessory to any outfit.